Greg Breeding – Journey Group

When listening to Greg Breeding, I could hear the excitement and passion that he had for his job just through the way he talked about it. That’s when I knew that his talk to us would be something that will be valuable in the long run. I know that when I grow up and get a job, it will most likely be on the public relations side of things, so I will often be a client for a graphic design agency such as Journey Group. That is why when Professor Strong asked about what clients can do to make people like Breeding’s job easier, it really peaked my interest. To me, that was one of the most helpful parts of his talk.

I really loved hearing about issues that may arise with his clients, and how those can be avoided. I liked when he compared the situation to when people go to the doctor and tell the doctor what medicine to provide them. You have to let the artist be the artist and let that artist decide what is best. A client should not micromanage the graphic designer, as that may not produce the best work possible. I hope that when I have a job and am working with a graphic designer, I can think back to my Graphics 217 class in college and remember how important it is to just let the designer do his work.

Annie Kelly

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