Greg Breeding, Journey Group

Because graphic design is still so new to me, it has been hard for me to understand what a career using graphic design is like. Greg Breeding not only gave me a better understanding of what a graphic design career could be, but interesting insight into his career. In addition to the valuable information he provided us, he also has a stunning work space and an amazing team working for him.

One of the first things Greg said to us that helped me have a better understanding of what he does is that he said what he does is not advertising. His company is a creative agency that focuses on creative projects such as websites, magazines and books. His clients include nonprofits and associations and he has to help those organizations with  their visual storytelling. He also spoke about problems that come up with his clients. Similarly to every job, clients come to companies or agencies with a preexisting vision or idea. What Greg said works best for him is when the client understands that the creative agency are the experts and has good ideas as well.

I found this opportunity to listen to Greg speak to be motivational and helpful in my design with my magazine. Like he said, visual stories are what change peoples opinions and values. They speak to the human heart and cause change.

Emily Perlman

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