We have a video chat with greg breeding during the class. It was a amazing experience.I am very surprise that his group is worked for non-profit organization. I think is unbelievable in this modern society.And He said that they use their design to let their target audience to well understand what they wants to tell them so that to change their mind and behavior. Actually, I also found some advertisements recently have a good impact on changing public mind and behavior.One of my favorite ad so far is “macma” which tell women how to exam breast disease. It’s memorable and change public’s behavior. But my most favorite is Blood and transplant. It’s a blood donation campaign, in this ad, Words losing some of the letters like “G o le”. There was increase numbers of people to donate blood. In my opinion. Design have a huge function to communications. how to use each elements to show our purpose is a long way to study.

Yunxan Wu

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