Greg Breeding – Journey Group

I found the discussion with Greg Breeding to be very interesting and insightful in regards to graphic design. It was exciting to see how a career in the field of graphic design would look and the ways in which graphic design is incorporated through Breeding’s business. He made a career in graphic design seem appealing through the kind of work he does, the people with whom he works, and the environment he works in.

It was insightful to learn about the designer/client relationship.  The client should give their opinion, but ultimately it is up to the designer because they are experienced in the field. It made sense when Breeding used the analogy that a client trying to take over the designing process is similar to a patient going to the doctor and telling them how they need to be treated. I just thought it was cool to learn how business should be conducted in the world of graphic design.

As a photography student, I really enjoyed listening to Breeding because I hope to incorporate the use of graphic design into my career, whatever it may be. It was fun to see the different opportunities that are available, especially as a MPD student.


Isabel Engelbrekt

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