Greg Breeding // Journey Group

My unwavering respect for graphic designers remained steady as Greg Breeding showed us around his office, full of probably some of the most creative people I would ever meet, all working together to improve design in the world around us. Seeing his working environment and the happiness apparent in the smiles of his employees made me realize that I, like Greg, want to work in a smaller, intimate type of work setting in the future – hopefully working in-house public relations at an entertainment company.

I found it interesting and, rather refreshing, that Greg catered to such a niche community of clients of nonprofits and higher education institutes. However, of all the things he told us, I really liked the faith that he put in designers when faced with difficult clients. In the designer / client relationship, the client has liberty to voice their opinions – but more importantly, Breeding reminded us that the designer, as the more experienced person, also has justification to say otherwise (which I believe is not as encouraged because it “goes against the client). The possibilities for a career in that field were really eyeopening and the call was an extremely valuable experience!

Christine Bang

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