Greg Breeding, Old Houses, and Stamps

Every Wednesday during my graphics lab section, you can find me bumbling my way through the various programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. ­During this time, the thoughts running through my head are usual notions of frustration, jealousy of the student next to me, confusion at how they managed to perfect the exercise given by the TA, and, overall, amazement by graphic designers. Graphic designers have the ability to tell a story using entirely visual components. Their skill and ability to think through design is nothing short of amazing. Greg Breeding and Journey Group, a design firm located in Charlottesville, VA, further prove how extraordinary or useful graphic design can be.

Greg Breeding, while also the Creative Director of the Journey Group, is an Art Director for the United States Postal Service. While I have always been aware of a stamps practicality, Breeding opened my eyes to the design and thought that goes into stamp design. His work with the USPS also showed me that there are graphic design career opportunities in almost every industry.

In addition, the tour that Breeding gave of the Journey Group office broke the preconceived notion I had about what a design office should look like. When I envisioned a design office of that stature, I envisioned a very industrial and contemporary space. Not only was Journey Groups office within a historical house, the corporate culture within that house was a pleasant surprise. Each individual seemed cheerful and happy to be in the office.

The opportunity to hear Breeding talk as well as the ability to ask him questions was extremely invaluable.

Corina DeFeo

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