Greg Breeding reflection

My dad has been a mailman all of my life and when I was little, I would always be fascinated with all of the different collections of stamps that would come and go. Little did I know, the design process or the brains behind all of those collections would appear in my Graphics class (via Skype)! I loved the discussion with Greg. I thought he was such a cool person and gave a really nice description and demonstration on Journey Group and the type of stuff he works on on a daily basis. In terms of my expectations, he fulfilled most of them and talked about all of things one would expect in explaining their career. I did not expect him to use the term “visual storytelling” as much as he did. This took me a little by surprise because Visual Storytelling is the title of the COM 117 class which focuses entirely on film and video production. Although two completely different  genres of communication, it was cool to me that this concept was so central in both. I also was surprised about his description of “the perfect client” which is that they are trusting enough to put their product in Journey Group’s hands and allow them to be creative. As an advertising major, the ideal client in our sense is more or less the same thing: one who knows what they want, but allow room for growth and experimentation. An idea outside the box can sometimes be a breakthrough idea allowing great success for a company, brand, or product. I will definitely think of Greg and Journey Group now every time I see some super cool stamps!

Allison Koerbel

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