Greg Breeding video talk reflection

Greg Breeding first introduced his company during the video talk. He said the company is doing brand strategy and aims for marketing. They also create visual and story to their clients’ audience. He showed us a magazine they are doing. It is a non-profit magazine called Worldvision. The pictures inside are unique. Using visual to tell the story is becoming a trend. Visual is the most efficient way for people to accept the new things.


When Breeding talked about how to maintain the client relationship, he used the stamp yearbook as an example. The first step is to set up a date of discovering. This step is to discuss with the clients what they need and what goal they want to achieve. The second step is to craft a proposal. He also mentioned how to let the clients accept your company or designers’ idea is a critical skill.


In the beginning, I thought this is a very serious firm or studio. However, when I saw the real office, I feel this studio is just like a big family. The employees there like what they are doing and the environment is great. They all have a different responsibility in the firm. This is a great opportunity for us to learn how the designers work and create. It also taught us how to be a good client.

Yanjun Li

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