Greg Breeding’s Element of Surprise

Earlier this semester, I posted about how I learned that you can having a staple design aesthetic isn’t as important as making the client happy. I have also learned that there are people who do have a staple and use it in everything that they do and you can tell that it’s theirs and sometimes that’s why they get hired. After hearing from Greg Breeding, I now know that you do not have to stick with any design aesthetic when create cohesive pieces, for example “Selamta.” They use the design aesthetic they think is appropriate, while making the client happy. Then, to make the reader happy, they occasionally surprise them with different styles and aesthetics in the magazine.

I thought this was really interesting because before I took this class, I thought you wanted to include  a part of yourself in every design you made. Then, I learned that you should do the opposite to make your client happy. Then, I learned that there are people who can get away with using the same techniques and that’s what they are known for. Finally, I learned that you can make yourself, the client, and the reader all happy by changing up the design every once in a while and keeping it fresh so the readers are bored, the client is still happy, and you are proud of the work because it’s the design you wanted, not the client. This could be changing up the style of the picture on the front page, or the font that goes with it, or doing a different type of graphic for the feature story. Keeping the reader on their toes gives the designer more freedom to make everyone happy.


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