Greg Breeding’s Studio

Throughout this semester, I have found each project very interesting, but actually seeing what a design firm does and looks like was one of the best experiences. Listening to Greg talk about all of his different projects, who he works with, and where he gets inspiration was refreshing because it brought to life what we have been doing and talking about all semester.

When he was going through the process of a project, I thought the Discovery Days were an interesting part. He mentioned how they try to work with the ideas of the client and find a representation for what they want based on the rules established, goals identified and the problems. Then also listen to them throughout that day to come up with a unique idea that still accomplished their goal but differs from what the client may be picturing when they come to meet.

Being an NOJ major, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of seeing what a graphic design studio looks like, but I find graphic design very interesting and love working on projects when I get the chance. The thing I remember most about Greg walking us around the office is how he mentioned there were writers and editors in the office as well. That small, close environment of the design firm seemed really interesting and opened my eyes to a new possible career path.

Connor Fogel

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