have things that do not exist

“I want to have things that do not exist”. Yes, we all do right? But what does this entail? And how can we get it? This is a quote from a designed in the documentary, Objectified. This quote probably relates to everyone in the world because we all want something that we do not know even exists. But it is those people, who make those “things” exist who are extraordinarily special. This documentary showed me even more that designers are amazing!! They literally do everything. Everything we use, see, touch, smell is all designed. From garden clippers, to chairs, to pans, to technology, everything is “objectified” by designers. Every object or “thing” has a story, if you’re willing to understand it.

Since watching this film, I have looked at everything differently. Especially my apple computer. There was a section in the film where we saw an apple computer come apart and watch it be built from beginning to end. It just blows my mind how it is humanly possible. I never realized or gave the time to think about how things are designed and built. It is truly amazing and it is hard to wrap my mind around it. Another favorite quote from the movie was, “launch a campaign on something you already know”. I like this because I think it is great advice for me in the future. I am looking forward to having a career in advertising/public relations. I am going to need to know how to campaign and this is a great first advice into my career.

Rae Sanchez

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