I highly anticipated the viewing of Helvetica. I loved seeing how relevant Helvetica is in our everyday life. Becoming more involved in the Ad world has made me more observant of logos. I never thought about the font logos used, but Helvetica is everywhere. Helvetica has even broke into the professional world in the form of tax forms, EPA, NASA. It is in the American Airlines logo, which is the only airline that has not changed its appearance in the last 40 years. To me, this shows incredible branding/brainstorming from the start.I found the construction of Helvetica fascinating.

In terms of creation, serif vs. sans serif is the most important question. I’m personally a bigger fan of the sans serif because I think it’s cleaner. It makes sense that type designers start with the lowercase letter “h”. It has the curves of “n, o, g, ext.” and straight lines of “l, k, t, ext.” I also found it extremely interesting that it was designed in Switzerland, but always intended to be sold in America.


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