It was not until after watching the Helvetica, that I truly began to realize how prominent this typeface has become. After class, I became extremely aware of the various typefaces around me. Sure enough, anywhere and everywhere I turned, I saw Helvetica. At first, I was somewhat intrigued and excited about this discovery.  However, I quickly grew kind of tired of the font and its overwhelming presence not only in the movie, but everywhere else. Quite simply, I thought to myself, “They should just make more typefaces that work this well.”

It was at this time that I understood the entire movie, Helvetica is irreplaceable and timeless because there is not another typeface that can function, grab attention, comfort or  leave an impression just quite as well. There is nothing like Helvetica, and probably will never be.  This realization was probably my favorite part of the film. The film ultimately showed me how society has come to rely on this typeface for its readability and its versatility.



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  1. You are not the only one to start noticing Helvetica wherever you go now. And yes, it is starting to get annoying. It’s weird because you start noticing these typefaces almost by accident now, subconsciously. Either way, interesting post.

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