Living in a world where words are everywhere, you never really think about what typefaces you are seeing. It’s weird to think that in every place you travel or even in your room at home, there is a typeface on some building, appliance, or poster on your wall. I didn’t think of anything like this until I saw the documentary Helvetica. When I saw the opening title, I was less than thrilled because I knew I would be watching a movie about typefaces. As the documentary went on, I realized that everything has meaning and certain banners, advertisements and street signs all have a typeface for a reason.

Throughout the movie, I wasn’t really sure if the designers liked Helvetica or disliked the typeface. I personally like the typeface and find it everywhere I look. Most of the designers gave a two sided answer saying they liked it but the typeface is boring and found everywhere. This surprised me because if the typeface is used so much, than it must but good looking and other designers must favor it for some reason. Overall, I found it interesting that Helvetica is a certain typeface that can be used for any occasion. Helvetica is a typeface that is almost certainly used everywhere and for everything. It just looks good.


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  1. I like the way you ended your blog post, “it just looks good.” This was my biggest problem with the documentary, everyone was complaining about a typeface that was overused but it is used frequently because it gets the job done and is readable. I don’t see Helvetica as being a major problem. Without it, it may not be so easy to read the signs and logos that we take for granted everyday. I think your blog post perfectly captures my reaction to the documentary as well.

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