“Type is saying things to us at all time.” — Rick Poynor. After watching the movie”Helvetica”, I find that helvetica exist in everywhere in our daily life. There is no doubt that helvetica is successful and have a big impact on world typeface. It almost can say we cannot live without using it now inescapability.In this movie,  it introduced  three  generation font designer. They hold a different attitude about helvetica. The old designer in 1950s to 1960s are severely  affect by Modernism,they think the font does not convey information, but make text reading clearly and simply; the annual generation was affect by post-modernism, they think helvetica is terrible, the design should be individualistic.They prefer extreme difficult understand style font; But the young generation of designers preserved an attitude of neutrality,they prefer to use Helvetica  but not abused. In my opinion, I agree the young generation. In the new cultural background  we need to search for a way to retain the original flavor of the innovation development.

Yunxan Wu

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