I thought Helvetica was very interesting. I never really realized how many people all over the country and even the world use Helvetica. It’s fascinating how there are so many languages people use to communicate with across the globe but everyone still uses Helvetica as a tool to communicate. In addition, I thought it was noteworthy how the designers were so into their work. I always thought type was boring and I never thought anyone could be so fascinated about so many aspects of it. But, I was clearly proven wrong.


In “Thinking with a type” I specifically thought that Type Classifications was very interesting. This definitely continued with my thoughts I said earlier about the designers being so into their work. I never looked or thought that much into different types. I just viewed type faces as type faces. One sentence that I really enjoyed reading was “Printers sought to identify a heritage for their own craft analogous to that of art history” I think this really shows how much they appreciate the type faces they create.


Another important thing I learned a lot was about space and meaning. Once again, I never really thought too much into this subject but now I know how in depth and interesting it can be.  I think I found this the most interesting because it deals with logos and a lot of hidden meaning. I would enjoy doing something within this area in the future. I now know how much thought and time can go into a simple design or grouping of letters.

Scott Freeman

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