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During the movie, I realized the extent of which a typeface can make a difference and how involved people can be. When the Brazilian typographers spoke about Helvetica and how they were trying to branch out to different fonts, I realized how passionate and how expressive fonts and typefaces can really be. They were talking about how they were thankful they were less obsessed with Helvetica and how they were trying to branch out to new and different typefaces. Also, when the typographer in London was talking about how he loved the modern style I realized that there are styles of fonts and even though Helvetica is considered to be a standard and generic font, it still has a personality to typographers that use it.

Another thing that stood out to me in the video that the font Helvetica was literally used everywhere and was in all different kinds of brands and advertisements. Also, the use of Helvetica in Gap’s logo and store I realized that the more simple brands and companies portray their company personality not only through graphics and creative advertisements, fonts and typefaces play a significant role as well.

I’ve always liked Helvetica but I have never thought about how simple and beautiful of a font it is compared to Times New Roman or Arial which are also beautiful but the sans serif typeface of Helvetica gives it a certain simplicity and appeal that you can’t find with other typefaces.



  1. I agree that the beauty of Helvetica lies in its simplicity, and it’s something I had never spent much time thinking about before watching the film. I was torn between the ideologies of the typographers — some thought Helvetica was the best thing since sliced bread, while others harbored a strong aversion to it due to its “overuse” today. I suppose it’s a case-by-case basis sort of thing — I appreciate Helvetica in some formats, while I also appreciate more “out there” typefaces for other purposes. I believe the beauty of Helvetica can be preserved if we try to balance it with other styles before it gets to be too “sterile.”

  2. I agree with you that I never realized that Helvetica is frequently used. Like they said in the video, “it’s like the air” – you never really notice that it’s there, which is one of the beautiful things about it. It’s simplicity makes it so easy and unnoticeable to the eye. It is almost surprising that so many companies use it for their logos and advertisements and it’s unrecognizable to the untrained eye.

    – Max

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