I <3 Graphic Design

I was initially interested in watching “To Inform and Delight” because I didn’t really have any background knowledge of Glaser before watching the film. Then the opening slide that highlighted “form” and “light” within the title really caught my attention.


I think I personally got the most out of Glaser’s story of the I <3 NY logo. It’s hard to go anywhere these days without seeing some kind of reference to that logo in the sense that it has truly become integrated into not only New York but also expanded to the rest of the country and even recognized around the world. To think that Glaser was originally approached to make something to help redefine New York and it has now become almost a cultural phenomenon shows the true power of great graphic design.


I also was really impacted by Glaser’s attitude about the whole thing. I remember a comment from the film about him not getting paid/compensated at all for the wide use of the I <3 NY, but he was totally okay with it because at the end of the day it was about the art. I think that is an attitude to strive for for anyone who creates something that special.


Overall, my greatest take away from the film is the true power of great design. I always took graphic design for granted. In a lot of cases I saw that it served its purpose, but I never really realized the strength of it. Now I can see, something that is truly visually special and can really connect with people has no limits as to how far it can go.


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