I <3 (Insert City Here)

I was immediately drawn into this video when it started by the title’s use of words. It started with Form and Light and then transformed into the title of the video “To Inform and Delight” which I thought was so smart. It was fascinating to see how a logo can completely change audience’s thoughts about an idea. For example, Glaser was able to revive New York City by simply creating the I <3 New York design. Personally, I have never though of someone creating the idea of “I <3 (Insert City Here)”. Now this is an iconic design that can be found around the world. One of the key ideas that was so striking in this documentary was that a simple drawing can completely change a city, corporation, or product.

You can see the excitement and passion in Glaser’s eyes when he would speak about the work he would produce. For example, the thought to use the lighting in the gymnasium in the movie to further enhance the detail on the bikers was magnificent. It is the small details and thoughts such as the lighting that can totally change a concept. In addition, Glaser was able to use his ideas about a corporation to produce a unique brand rather than following a style that many designers hold themselves to. This gave Glaser the ability to create many iconic images and brands throughout his career, each with a different meaning and style.

This documentary has made me look back at my poster project to see if I am following a style or to see if I can change my design to something new and different. After looking at the many examples throughout this documentary, I kept thinking to myself that with enough time and more experience I could produce something just like some of the brands he created. Some designs looked simple. However, it is the creative mind and passion that creates the end-product and I must achieve those two before I succeed in design.


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