I <3 MA (does that have the same ring to it?)

Milton Glaser wanted his art portrayed publicly. His mix of talent, play, and intelligence are traits he wanted to show the world and not have on a wall in a person’s home. Like Glaser, I love incorporating an interest into my graphic design work. Glaser is a musician and incorporates the sexy and sultry movement of jazz music into his work. My interest is cooking and I love using the naturally appealing and eye-catching qualities of food into my work. For my poster, I am using oranges as the main focus. Glaser wanted his designs to say a message for the world. He made viewers think about culture, art, and current events. With my poster, I want to not only create an eye-catching design, but to send an important message about breast cancer awareness.

Glaser proves that the best work comes from designing something you’re passionate about. Your passion and interest will not only show in the work, but you will be more creative when the design’s content pertains to a part of your life. For Glaser, his iconic “I <3 NY” design was more than a successful logo. This design was a way to bring his passion for New York and the city he loves…to life. He is known for his novelty faces and funky use of lettering. What is found most interesting about the video was when Glaser said “if I had made this work on the computer, I never would have come across the beauty of the imperfect parts that happened from creating the design by hand.” He was designing a school logo and the sticking up edges from placing the different parts on a piece of paper ended up adding an element of interest to the piece. The edges made the work jump of the page and seem very realistic. I applied a similar idea by scanning real fruit into my poster. The realistic images made my design jump of the page and not seem too computer edited.


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