I <3 Milton Glaser

Before watching “To Inform and Delight,” I had never even considered where the iconic I <3 NY logo came from, let alone considered that there was some type of genius behind it. The biggest thing that stood out to me about Milton Glaser's designs were that they were smart. As was described in the documentary, they make us think just hard enough to get a small rush of satisfaction — when the I <3 NY designs were first came out, for example, people had to take a quick second to decode that the heart equals love when they saw the image.

As Glaser said, “If you activate the mind to try and figure something out, the likelihood is they’ll remember it more.”

I also really enjoyed just listening to Glaser describe his creative process in general. One thing that struck me in particular was how he described having an artistic style as limiting, kind of like a rut. This contrasts to artists and designers who strive to hone their style, and shows a sense of selflessness, that he cares more about each individual design than making design that reflects himself personally.


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