I heart NY!

To Inform and Delight featuring Milton Glaser was actually a very interesting documentary, coming from an avid documentary watcher. Every class period of GRA 217 I learn something new. What’s crazy to me is that I don’t even think about where designs started from. My whole life, I never once questioned where typefaces came from or magazine covers or even posters. I never thought about the process that is required for designing them. When watching To Inform and Delight, I was excited to find out that Milton Glaser was the person to design the I <3 NY logo. It was amazing to me that he took something so simple and made it into a design that everyone recognizes. The simplicity of it is what connects to our GRA 217 class. Simplicity is key, we don’t want too much going on in our design, or for there to be any distractions. I was shocked when I found out Milton Glaser received nothing for his iconic design because his design revived NYC in the 1970s when it was perceived as a crime infested city near bankruptcy.   It reminded me of when Professor Strong told the class that the girl who created the Nike symbol also received nothing for it.

Milton Glaser says, “we should always operate by interruption.” And I think that is important. Interruptions while working in design are crucial because it allows the designer to leave and revisit their work with fresh eyes. I think giving one’s work a break will enhance it or change it for the better in some way when one returns to working on it.



Shanitra Fulgham

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