If It’s Meant to Happen, It will Happen

The main concept that stood out to me within this documentary was Glaser’s quote saying, “It shouldn’t look like it was designed. It should look like it happened.” Yes in both of the documentaries we have watched and in your instruction it is mentioned that simplicity is key and that if you can take things away, you probably should. Yet, this statement made me understand the graphic design world and this insight especially a little more clearer. A design should have a distinct concept that is understandable from the getgo. It should not look busy or crazy to show as many design techniques or skills as possible, similar to what I may have done in my first draft of the poster. As later reminded in the film with his friend and fellow artist Colon, their images and design communicated on its own. No written words or prerequisite brainstorming was needed, the idea simply just happened. I can definitely apply this to my next projects to just remind myself to relax and let things happen creatively as the mind comes up with them. If I am stuck on a concept or am searching for an inspiration for things, I need to not worry and just let it come to me – just like the I <3 NY design which occurred to him in a taxi of all places.

Allison Koerbel

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