If the “extreme” can do it, everybody can do it

The main concept that shocked me within the “Objectified” documentary was the theory that when something is designed, if the “extreme” types of people can use the product, then the middle-ground/average people can figure it out. The example provided in the film was apple peelers for older individuals with arthritis, but when I thought about it, the product also worked for everybody from kids to adults. This idea made me automatically think of my parents and grandparents with technology. It may have took a little getting used to, but my grandma can fully operate her iPhone and iPad with no problem whatsoever. I’m sure when the Apple team was coming together with the design for these two products, they wanted to make it as less complicated as possible so ALL genres and ages of people could enjoy it and operate it.  After seeing that segment, I really wanted there to be more examples of such products that were “inspired” per say by a specific genre of people, such as adults with arthritis. Like what was the “extreme” audience behind napkin dispensers? or riding lawnmowers? or a GPS? Now I’m just curious.

Allison Koerbel

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