Impact + Simplicity

To Inform and Delight was a very insightful film. I found the history of Glaser’s work to be incredibly impressive and informative, especially from the perspective of a student in a beginners graphic design class. I feel like whenever I  design I have the tendency to “overdue it”. Whether it be by trying to fill the entire page or adding an unnecessary graphics to make it seem more full, I always force myself to pull back on how much I put on the page.

This film taught me simplicity is key. The “I Heart NY” logo Glaser designed is one of the most iconic, yet simplistic designs in the world. Using two colors and one type face, Glaser was able to successfully capture and exemplify New York. The other design created by Glaser that stood out to me was the “Fortune 500” magazine cover. All it took was a large number 5 and strong typeface around it to send a powerful message.

In addition to simplicity, this film also taught me that designing does not have to be something you do for money or for a grade. Designing is something that you can/should do just to enjoy it. Glaser did not receive a single cent for his work on the “I Heart NY” logo, but he takes tremendous pride in being the man responsible for the logo’s inception. I really admire an attitude like that because I find myself very concern with what grade I might receive when I design, instead I should actually be enjoying myself.


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