In Class Speaker

I really enjoyed listening to a professional graphic designer.  I think graphic design, as a career, has a certain stereotype and I think seeing and listening to a professional was an eye opening experience.  It is really helpful for professors to bring in professionals to speak because as young students, we are often pressured to make career choices early and often we make incorrect decisions.  By truly hearing and seeing the work a professional does, we are more prepared to make the correct career choices for ourselves in the future.

I thought it was really cool when he showed us the stamps he and his team have designed.  Stamps are tiny and the postal system as a whole is considered to be outdated.  However, his designs show that people are still invested in this old system and his designs are a way to modernize the industry.  Also stamps are incredibly small and it was very cool to see him make such a tiny box a beautiful and eye catching design.

Sophie Greenberg

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