Insight from a Professional: Doug Bartow

In class, we were able to get great insight from experienced graphic designer, Doug Bartow thanks to innovative technologies like Google Hangout. Seeing design studios and listening to actual designers’ advice never ceases to amaze me. His work environment seemed fun and exciting. I think it is important to have a job that you love, so when you go to work… it’s not like going to work at all! It’s important to love what you do, and Doug definitely seems like he truly enjoys his job. I like how Bartow stressed the importance of collaboration. I think the best results for anything comes from collaboration.

Although I have become more creative because of this class, I wish I had more talent in the design field. My mind struggles with design and concepts, so for me, it’s incredible to watch/listen to professionals in the field of design.

Shanitra Fulgham

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