It is literally… everywhere.

You know what I never noticed until I saw this film? The typeface Helvetica is literally everywhere!!! When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. From classic brands, to street signs, to restaurants, to shopping centers, and to even trash cans on the street (seriously). Helvetica was invented in 1957 so it is a somewhat new typeface. It has a contemporary and modern feel to it but also looks intelligent. It is seriously a classic. I even learned that the government loves Helvetica because it shows neutrality, authority, accessibility, accountability and it is transparent. It was even used for the advertisement of war (the Vietnam and Iraq Wars to be exact). The impact that this typeface has made to the world is incredible. I can’t believe I never noticed that this typeface was everywhere. I guess when you look at a brand, for example Target, you never ask yourself “Wow I wonder what typeface they used, I bet it is Helvetica!” You just look at the overall presentation. But since I saw this movie, I am starting to learn that the typeface MAKES the brand stand out, not the other way around. It is crazy how much I have noticed about all of my surroundings ever since I started learning more and more about graphic design. AND ever since I’ve watched this film specifically, I have been seeing Helvetica EVERYWHERE. From commercials, to signs on campus— I can’t escape this typeface. But I wouldn’t want to escape it because this is truly a timeless typeface that will be around for centuries to come.

Rae Sanchez

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