It’s a world of design, and we are just living in it

From watching “Objectified,” I have learned many things about industrial design that I have never thought about or even known about before. I found it very interesting when the speakers said that many of the best designs are done by people who do not think they are designing. This has showed me that everyone goes through their daily lives and are all in some way designing or improving an object. I also loved how the video mentioned that “every object has a story, if you know how to read it.”  There is a brain and a story behind every object resulting in its existence. It is crazy to think about how things become what they are today. Everything that surrounds me in this world is designed by someone who took the time to create this story in an object. Ever since watching the film, I look at objects completely different and its crazy to me how much an object evolves over time to fit a person’s needs! Peoples needs in the world are constantly changing so the stories of the objects must change with it!

Danielle Kravette

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