It’s not just a toothpick

The film objectified really put the cherry on top of my official stereotype of designers. I have now watched many interviews with designers and saying that their minds work in a completely different way than most people is an understatement. I wish whole-heartedly that I could look at a hand tool and wonder why the handle is curved slightly in the middle or whether a few more ridged lines on the bottom could help with usability. I found it especially interesting when the designer with the purple glasses and white suit pointed out that everything new created is usually centered around the original archetype of the design. For example the camera. Yes, it has had many many modifications throughout the years but it is always a container usually with a cubical shape and a lense in the front. Another example is the chair, it always has a seat and four legs. He pointed out that his goal is to strive as far away from the archetype, completely refigure the way the world functions.

The toothpick, another example. A super small little piece of wood that you pick your teeth with. To a designer? An instrument that can be manipulated for maximum usability like the end being able to detach and be used as an anchor to hold it up. The little things in life are what matter the most, and the objects that surround us everyday, even the little end of a toothpick have an effect on our lives and designers are striving to make it better and more interesting every day. They always see the importance of the little details in life.


Kayln Des Jardins

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