Journey Group & Effective Storytelling

We’ve all had that feeling—perhaps you’re experiencing it right now, looking at this entry of text and thinking ‘sheesh, what a slog.’ Graphic designer Greg Breeding understands. In fact, Breeding is here to help. During our class discussion with him over Google Hangout, Breeding discussed how visual storytelling is paramount to conveying a compelling story, as it serves to accentuate, texturize, and almost humanize the editorial content of magazines, newspapers, and online pieces.

In other words, graphic design propels text into the realm of emotional appeal. The creative agency Journey Group that Breeding is president of does work “for all aspects of society,” including the Post Office and nonprofits. Their magazine World Vision allows readers to sponsor a child every month and strives for community development—calls for change that require taping into the sympathies of readers and making them care. As Breeding said, stories that speak to the human heart cause change. Graphic design, when done with intention and nuance, is one mode of telling such stories.

Mary Catalfamo

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