Journey Group In Class Skype Session

I truly enjoyed listening to Greg Breeding, President and creative director of Journey Group,speak about his company and provide our class with insight into the graphics industry and client/ designer relationships. The Selamta magazine which they created for an Ethiopian Airline was very cool to hear about because he said that the money made comes from ad sales which was different. The main topic in our discussion that I thought was the most memorable and very true is when he said in a story, it is necessary to have a surprise element and familiarity. Surprise is important because you must show something to the reader every time that is unexpected or new. In the case of the Selamta magazine, the image is always new and bold. Familiarity helps the magazine to develop a personality that is memorable and identifiable by its audience with every issue that they pick up. In relation to the Ethiopian Airline magazine, the familiar aspect can be found in the typefaces that they use every time (there are 3 and all had a complicated name so I can’t directly identify them). Throughout all of the examples of magazine spreads that Breeding showed us today, I realized that each one was similar in very subtle ways. Based on my observations, I noticed that he tends to use a drop cap that is the length of 5 lines and it is always in a light serif typeface. Hints of blue are also incorporated throughout the magazine such as in the page numbers, the drop caps and some of the type/ color scheme of images. Lastly, he uses centered type which stood out to me just because we are directed in class to shy away from centered type (even though I like it) so it was nice to see it in a professional magazine. Overall, I learned so much from this discussion and truly enjoyed the Skype session we had with Greg Breeding.


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