Journey Group- The People Who Take Your Idea and Make it Better

I want to first start by saying that I love when Professors give us the opportunity to listen and speak to someone who does what we are learning for a living. I found that listening to Greg was very useful and showed me a real life example of what I have been working on during this semester. Greg first started talking about stores and how they are what change people. I really felt as if this gave a deeper meaning to graphics and design. One of the main discussions Greg talked about was the relationships that they have with their clients. My favorite thing he said was “at the end of the day, we are going to give you what you want. But give us the opportunity to show you our way of giving you what you want in a different way.” I loved how Greg and the company do not just do what their clients tell them to do but they open their minds to show their clients what they believe will be beneficial to their non-profit or organization. Greg also explained that through each step of the process he makes sure that his client is always happy and satisfied on what they are working on. This results in him having to re do a project multiple times before the client is fully satisfied.  I learned that their main job is to bring fresh ideas to their clients. I really enjoyed seeing the office and getting to listen and speak to other employees and be informed on what current project they were working on. I loved and really appreciate being given the opportunity to speak to Greg and see the atmosphere at such a well respected agency like Journey Group.

Danielle Kravette

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