Journeying Through the Journey Group Office

First and foremost: my new professional goal is to have an office with a fireplace. How much better does it get than that?

Listening to Greg Breeding talk about his work in the design industry was interesting and entertaining. As a PR major, I was especially intrigued by his mention of cult branding, the idea of creating a world around the brand. I love the idea of being involved in a project like that. Imagine how innovative you’d get to be while creating a company’s image! His discussion of the relationship between clients and designers also struck a chord with me. He advised us not to cling too tightly to our visions when we are clients; if we give designers some freedom and are open to their ideas, we’ll get a better final product. This is something I need to apply in other aspects of my life, too. I co-executive produce a TV show and work with a production team of about ten. I care deeply about how our episodes turn out and tend to have very specific ideas in mind. It is easy to forget that it’s not just *my* work and that all opinions need to be taken into account, whether we’re setting up an interview or editing an episode. The more input we have, the better the episodes turn out.

Megan Choate

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