Lesson Learned

  1. Start Early and Take Your Time

There is no such project can be done in a couple of hours before deadline in graphic design. A successful project requires you to start early and thinking about the draft and structure of the project. For instance, the magazine project not only requires you to think about the draft in advance but also to read others magazines in order to get the feeling about what a good magazine would look like. Therefore, take it slow and start early will provide you sufficient time to work on the project.

  1. Get the Laptop to Work

It will save you a lot of time if you purchase the Adobe software on your own laptop, you will no longer have to take the bus back and forth from your home to the Newhouse lab. It also is more convenient for you to modify your work anywhere and anytime.

  1. Take the Advice

Listen to others’ comments about your works and take it seriously. If someone think some of the elements of your work do not make sense, they will not be the only one who think so! Therefore, ask some friends and professors about what they think about your work before you actually turn it in. Also, ask Professor Strong for help if there is any uncertainty about the project.

  1. Take the Feedback and Revision

As a starter in graphic design, the results of your projects will not always come satisfying. Therefore, it is very important for you to take the feedback seriously and treasure the chance to make revision. Normally the grade will be obviously pumped up if you do the revision and fix all the elements.

  1. Go to Office Hours

Go to office hours will be a huge benefit of you! Especially when you go with a draft or thought. There are very helpful suggestions and comments be given during office hours by Professor Strong, which will boost your grade dramatically. And make sure you sign up for the office hour in advance because they go very fast!

Jiecheng XU

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