Lessons from Doug Bartow

Listening and learning from Doug Bartow during class was extremely interesting and insightful, and made me think about graphic design in a much different light than I have so far over the course of the semester. While Doug is a designer and is certainly focused on the aesthetics of his work, it was really interesting to me that he described his job as so much more than that. In addition to his work as an artist, he uses his creativity to come up with entire brand identities. As a public relations student, there have been times during the semester in graphics that it has been difficult for me to understand how an understanding of design really fits into my education and future career. In listening to Doug’s experiences, I was able to understand a real-life application of this class as a future public relations professional. In order to understand the public face of a company, I will also need to understand how the company’s graphic identity fits with the brand messages that I write and disseminate to the public. Both the graphic and written materials that the public sees from the company must be a cohesive representation of the client’s work and mission, and understanding the graphic side of that will be extremely helpful for me in my career. Overall, listening to Doug’s experiences offered excellent insights into the communications field from a graphic perspective and was a great supplement to our class lessons.


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