Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. Save EVERYTHING all the time– Make sure that you are constantly saving your work. Save it on your hard drive and Google drive… save! save! save! You can never save your work too much. Nothing is worse than having to re-do your project because InDesign quit unexpectedly. No one deserves to go through that! Make things easier on yourself and just constantly SAVE YOUR WORK.
  2. The Adobe Free Trials are so useful!  It’s very hard to just rely on the Newhouse lab computers’ Adobe programs to get your work done. I found it extremely helpful that I had the Adobe programs on my laptop and was able to work on the projects whenever I pleased. Adobe offers a free 7-day trial for each of their programs… this was extremely helpful and very useful! Make sure you try it out on your own laptop.
  3. Office Hours are important. For many of my classes I dismiss the phrase office hours pretty quickly, but in this class in particular they are SO helpful. Prof. Strong really does care about her students and the work they produce. She is so willing to help each student create the best projects they can and is there for her students every step of the way. Whether we are reviewing things in class, lab, or you’re scheduling an office hours appt. with her, she is always willing to help- take advantage of that!
  4. Take risks!- Design is tricky because it’s hard to tell what things will work and what won’t. However, you’ll never know if you don’t try! Take risks with your work and be bold. Doing the same thing that everyone else is doing is no fun and won’t get you a good grade. Be daring (within limits) and try out new things. And hey, they might just work!
  5. Effectively use your lab time. Students are given lab time for a reason. Your graphic design projects can not be done in one night and if they are, that will definitely show throughout your work. Newhouse gives students an hour and a half class every week to learn how to use Adobe programs and work on various graphics projects due each week. I can’t stress enough how much work I was actually able to get done during these periods and how grateful I am that this was an allotted time in my schedule.

Natalie Landsberg

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