Lessons Learned

Reading the advice that the class of 2012 gave about GRA 217/218 will prove to be very helpful. They each spoke about things that I definitely need to take into perspective or heed in the near future. For instance, time management and procrastination. I definitely would wait until the last day or second to last day to begin a project, it has always worked for me in the past, however I do not think this is the kind of class where I can use this practice. As one of the students stated, art takes time and I agree. I will plan and gradually work on my projects instead of rushing and waiting until the last minute to do them. I have already started to use this theory by doing this blog post a day before it is due. A round of applause for me!

Speaking of doing things that I do not normally do I will begin to sketch. Today, in the bookstore I bought my required sketch pad thinking “I am never going to use this, I can not sketch”, but after reading the posts from former students, sketching seems to be a significant part of the process. So I will try. I will attempt, however, it is not my fault if it comes out atrocious, at least I tried. Even if no one understands what I drew I will know and have an idea of the image I want to use in my piece.

I am grateful that I read those post because they assured me that the class is possible to get through since previous students have done so and they came out thinking that it was not that bad at all.


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