Lessons Learned

Going into this class and reading the tips that previous students had left, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and I was pretty convinced I would be failing the course. But, as time went on and we worked on different projects, everything became easier.

Tip 1: Read through all the directions of the project before you start.

There’s been many times where I have had to change aspects of my design shortly before it was due because there was something I missed in the instructions, like the dimensions that the document is supposed to be or using a grid, etc. Make sure you read all of the directions so you don’t have to make any last minute changes that could change your entire design,

Tip 2: Take advantage of office hours.

Everyone will advise you to do this, because they’re pretty much essential to getting a good grade. I would sign up for at least 2 office hour times per project, because each time you go to office hours your project will completely change.

Tip 3: Start early.

At least start brainstorming ideas for your project within the first few days of it being assigned. Even if you like to procrastinate, it would be pretty impossible to do any of these projects a night before it was due. Each different draft you make will be really different, so if you don’t like what you’re creating, just start over. But, leave enough time for yourself to be able to make enough changes to your final project so it’s the best it can be.

Tip 4: If you don’t like it, redo it.

Like I said in tip 3, if you don’t like your project, redo it. It’s not worth working on something you genuinely don’t like, because no matter what, if you don’t like your idea, even if you spend days trying to make it look nice, you won’t like the end product. It’s easier and more fun to work on a project that you are emotionally invested in, and that means you muist have some sort of connection and fondness for your core idea. That being said, if you are working on an something with a theme that you love and it still is turning out terrible, take a few steps back and either rework your idea, or find another idea that will work.

Tip 5: Have fun learning how to become a better graphic designer.

At the end of the day, this class teaches you how to convey your ideas in an appealing way. So, have fun with it, because you should love the things your creating, and you should be proud of your end products. Even if you’re not majoring in graphic design or you think you’ll never use these skills again (which isn’t true-you will definitely use these skills again), put in good effort, because your work will reflect your ideas and essentially your communication skills.

Amanda Boyd

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