Lessons learning in GRA217

1.Every elements have their own use.

When we decide to use a elements in our work, we need to think about if it fit in out concept, out story.

And make all the thing become a whole.

2. ask for help, sign up more office hour

GRA217 is the first class for us to touch graph design, We might be feel confuse when we doing our project, ask for help is a good way to let you understand what you need to fix quickly.

3.make it simple.

Don’t worry your things are too simple. If you can use something simple to show your story. It also a good thing.

4.Be patient.

Might be we need to modify our work again and again. But do it and patient for it. You will find that it worth us to do that. The final one must be better than your draft so much

5.Start early

Pepare as much as time you can. Start it early so that you can have time to modify it.


Yunxan Wu

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