Lessons on Typography

Part 1

Last week on Tuesday in class I learned how an unknown word to me, at the time, was all around me since birth. Helvetica! Helvetica is on street signs, stores, brands, and more. Other than knowing its name, one thing I learned from the video in class was that Helvetica makes type so much more easier to read. To put it simplistically, Helvetica makes more sense. It allows you to see each letter individually and clearly. I also learned that people go crazy for amazing type fonts like Helvetica.

Part 2

In chapter 1, “Letter” I learned how meaningful type fonts were to the Renaissance era. In the 15th century, gothic scripts were rejected in favor of lettera antica. The reason for this decision was because of the letter spacing. I find it interesting how those concerns were had during those earlier times.


Part 3

Similar to what I learned in Chapter 1, I learned that spacing is crucial in defining a text’s success on readability. I also learned that it was introduced after the Greek alphabet to give each word an individual look. Spacing and giving each word its own space can define a great type from a bad type.


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