Letter and Text

Whilst I was reading Thinking with Type, by Lupton, I kept on comparing in my mind the typeface trends to fashion. Designers for letters and for clothes keep on looking for the next big thing, and both forms of design have seen an evolution throughout the years. At the turn of the 19th century, Bodoni and Didot’s typefaces were said to be a monster typeface since their letters were dehumanized and abstract. Even though they were very different from previous typefaces, it was quickly popular, which shows that taking risks could bring success. Also in the 1990’s, there was a new trend amongst typeface designers. People were becoming dissatisfied by perfection, and instead looked for a more ‘rough’ typeface. These trends are fascinating to me as these changes occur at similar times that people’s general mindset changed, which shows how closely history and design are intertwined.

In the chapter about text, I was especially intrigued by the idea of how we take space for granted. I can’t imagine a time when all words were stuck together. I’m definitely glad that’s not the case anymore. During the resume project I was very reluctant to leave white spaces since I kept on feeling that something was missing, but reading this chapter helped me realize that the white on page goes hand in hand with the writing and that one can’t go without the other one. I will definitely try and integrate that more in future projects. Also something that resonated with me was the caption placing for advertising. As an advertising major I have of course observed this already, but the way it was explained in the chapter really helped me see the rules behind the idea.


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