Letter and Text: lessons and takeaways


In the first chapter of Lupton, from the creation of the alphabet itself to the invention of moveable type, every historical advancement of type was essential to bring us to where we stand with type today. The most important advancement in type for our generation specifically was the development of type in the personal computer. The primary reason that this was so important is that it gave access to type to more people than ever before. And, access to type gave ample opportunities to communicate or express themselves via the written word. The availability of these opportunities to so many people increased the egalitarianism and freedom in our society significantly.


I think my most important takeaway from the chapter “Text,” was the section on hierarchy. This principle is key in design because it guides the eye, communicating with viewers what information is most important and should be read first. It also serves as a way of filtering content — organizing it into meaningful categories and subgroups. This is a concept I will be sure to keep in mind when designing my resume. Lupton’s recommendation of simplicity in signaling hierarchy was an important lesson for anyone working with design:”Emphasizing a word or phrase within a body of text usually requires only one signal.”


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