Letter & Text

The bones of “Letter” seemed close to identical to Professor Strong’s lecture on Thursday. Lupton articulated two points about typography that I never thought of, but spoke to its history. The first was “words originated as gestures of the body.” I found this profound because when speaking, people can hardly stand still. Their hands are moving, they’re twirling their hair, ect. Words became the sophisticated way of expression in place of gestures. Secondly, as an Ad major, I loved Lupton’s comment of the explosion of advertising bringing a new form of communication to the world. This new form of communication demands a new kind of typography. A new importance was placed on words and their cohesiveness. Each individual character became less important as the relationship among letters in a typeface had became more important. A whole different level of creativity was introduced to typefaces, thanks to advertising.

The most important thing I took from “Text” was “the importance of the reader over the writer in creating meaning.” Especially moving forward with my three best friends this semester (simplicity, contrast, experience), I think this is an important motto to take into account. As the writer (or any producer of media), we can get over involved and invested, when it is all about the client’s comprehension.


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