Liesel Rickert – Lessons Learned from the 2012 class

I won’t say that I’m not scared for this class, but I am actually very excited too! I think that this class seems like a great opportunity to learn something new and something that will actually be useful. I am a bit nervous though, especially, after reading some of the comments. One of the comments toward the end of the list said something about forgetting about the grade. I know that I have been told this before and that it is a good skill I guess, but it’s a hard concept to grasp. I have always tried very hard to reach as close to MY perfection as I can on each project. And though people say as long as you learned something or as long as you developed it was a success, I have never been able to commit to that philosophy. If I get a bad grade on a project I WILL be upset with myself even if I know that I tried hard. That is just how I am. I guess I will have to change that a bit for this class by the sounds of it.

Something else that I read that I also have to remember is to believe in myself. I took PHO301 last semester and it was very difficult for me to understand Photoshop and all of its tools. For this class I just have to remember that everyone else in the class is in the same boat. We are all new at this. The people in the class before us were also new at it and they all seem to have succeeded.


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