Lupton Blog Assignment

Part 1: Letter

In my opinion mixing typefaces was the most important thing I learned in this chapter.  I don’t think we realize how much the lettering can be different when reading an article or a worksheet.  By doing this it draws the reader to certain words or certain phrases that should catch their eye first before reading on.  As the chapter explains, it creates a contrast in scale, along with the style or weight of the words.  With each word highlighted with a different typeface it can bring a whole new meaning to the word itself.

Part 2: Text

In my opinion hierarchy would be the most important thing I learned in in this chapter because it demonstrates how to organize your text.  The different placing of your text helps the reader know what to read first and then last.  It leads the reader through the text.  As it says in the chapter, the levels of hierarchy bring a cue for the reader.  You can give signals with these cues by bolding, underlining or using italic.  That helps to emphasize which word could be of more importance than another.


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