Lupton Reflection

     After reading the first two chapters in Lupton’s book I learned a lot about Letter and Text use. In the Letter chapter I found it extremely interesting that advertising led to new forms of typography. I read this line and paused for a second to read it again. It truly does make sense, with mass communication becoming very prominent, advertising became more effective and in order to advertise well designers need to be very creative. How an image and text is designed is how it is going to be remembered in the minds of the potential consumers. Luton states, “Type designers created big, bold faces by embellishing and engorging the body parts of classical letters.” She then goes into detail on how fonts changed in respect to height, width, and dept. When different types starting being used in advertising this is when everything became very creative. All organizations and companies wanted their advertisement to the the most creative, and the one that stood out to consumers the most. It is all about the way an advertisement is designed. Graphic Designers use different type and fonts which allows for a unique advertisement that will catch the eye of the consumer
     In the second chapter, Text, Lupton had a section about the spacing of text. I found this particularly interesting because she said, “ Spoken language is perceived as a continuous flow, with no audible gaps.” When we talk we do not think about the spacing between every word we are saying but rather
we simply speak and pause between words and sentences. Luton then goes onto talk about how spacing is crucial in alphabetic writing. This affects the way we perceive and see a word in addition to the flow of the text. Luton gives an example by writing a sentence with so spacing. This allowed me to realize how spacing really makes it easier for us to follow text. It allows breaks for the eye. In Graphic Design the way we space everything is key because you want to audience to be able to see the text and the graphic quickly.


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