Lupton text

After reading the Lupton text, I found myself extremely overwhelmed. I think if it weren’t for the pictures I would have been swimming in letters and text.


Part 1: I can not believe there are so many different word types. As well as how these different word types can effect someones mood. It is really not just as simple as being words on a page. These letters take on a life of there own. Creating a meaning behind the words that I would have never known. Then there is the time and  patience it takes to make these type. The creator has to worry about the height of the letter and how round the letter is and if the letter sits well next to other letters, as well as in a word. That is a lot to worry about when creating a type. Then I began to think that I will have to do the same thing essentially when picking my own type for my resume and the numerous other projects we have in this course. I cannot begin to fathom going through every type until I find the “right one”. That is a lot of type to go through and decide which one I want, but then again looking at the letters some times it looks as if they are all the same, just numerous mutations or variations of them, which is essentially what they are.

Part 2: After creating a letter then there is the job of creating actual text, apparently what a word looks like singularly is not what it looks like in a body of text. Which is also what I am realizing while doing my resume. How unfortunate it is that I could find the most perfect letter that does everything that I need it to do, but in a body of text it will not be clear enough to read. I also read about spacing in the Lupton text and seeing how that plays a role in a body of text.. Prior to reading the book I knew that spacing was important, but I did not know that there was a way to adjust the spacing between letters in a word as well. Learning that blew me away and with that I had to close the book. It was too much for me to handle.


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  1. It IS easy to get overwhelmed, Olivia, but take it one step at a time. My plan was that you be exposed to the immense world of type and its power, not that you master it in one reading. : ) Good work on the post.

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