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It’s hardly groundbreaking news that graphic design and magazines are two things that consistently go hand in hand. They’re two things quite often found together. You almost can’t think of one without thinking about the other. It’s sort of like Donna Summer and Disco or Miley Cyrus and publicity stunts. As a magazine major, you soon realize that there’s an almost intrinsic bond that exists between the two, because magazines needs pictures, creations, designs….life! While graphic designs need words, stories and experiences. It sort of equates to a give and take relationship.

Graphic design is always used in the field of magazine publication. As depicted above, for example, Food Network Magazine, makes great use of a fun-spirited, enthusiastic and zealous design for the cover. Imagine if all of the words and images on the cover were all the same color, font and size. Using creative designs like these help create one of the most important things in the field of graphic design: an experience. It’s what catches the reader’s attention and encourages them to keep turning the next page. Graphic design, however, does not only exist on tangible publications. Some of your favorite websites, perhaps Bon Appetit Magazine’s as shown above, utilize creative and unique graphic designs to attract viewers. It keeps them interested in what they’re reading. Graphic design is simply the base for any potentially great magazine because it provides a foundation for words and stories. You can’t plant a seed without moist soil and hope that it will somehow grow, right?

There is a near palpable significance of graphic design in the magazine industry. The words you see in a magazine are not just words. The images and shapes you see in a magazine are not just images and shapes. They are experiences and ideas and feelings manipulated for the sake of being more visually pleasing to the viewer. Working in the magazine industry would be tough without even the slightest knowledge of graphic design. It’s not just knowing how to write the story, but how to show it. Graphic design is that showcase.

If you were to imagine a magazine that didn’t use full advantage of graphic design in their publications, the world as we know would be a sad, personality-lacking place. Making a magazine without graphic design would be like serving perfectly-cooked waffles without maple syrup or giving a kid a birthday cake without candles, simply villainous. Without graphic design, magazines wouldn’t have an experience to give, they’d just be paper with words and no unique meaning. They’d almost be lifeless.


Cory Fernandez

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  1. I think it’s great that you focused your design example on food-related content. I agree that without design, magazines would feel lifeless and sad. Design comes into play when making even the most trivial decision like which colors contrast well with the burger image. Like you mentioned, design is the framework for content in a magazine, and without the framework the content just engage on it’s own.

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