Milton Gaser: To Inform and Delight

My main takeaway from the film was the importance of allowing the viewer to piece together the design. A great example of this was when Glaser created the “I love New York” Logo. This design is so successful because it activates the problem-solving part of the brain. When you see the design, you are forced to interpret the heart symbol as “love” and NY as “New York” in order to understand the message. By giving viewers the opportunity to figure out the design for themselves, they are left with a stronger impression of it and are more likely to commit it to memory. This idea has affected my poster because I am now trying to use a simple yet unique design that the viewer needs to piece together to understand. By designing an image that truly captures the event, a designer has the capacity to leave a lasting impression on the public, making their message stand out from all the rest.

Nicholas Grew

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